Project and Construction Management is a graduate program at the ITU Graduate School, Department of Architecture, offering education at the master’s and PhD degrees.

The field of project and construction management is a scientific research and activity area that has been carried out for many years in the Architecture-Engineering-Construction industry. Project and construction management professionals provide coordination among project stakeholders throughout all design and construction stages following the decision to build, and carry out planning, organization, execution, and control activities in line with the basic criteria of time, cost, and quality.

The graduates of Project and Construction Management Graduate Programs will acquire a range of knowledge and skills, such as comprehension of project life cycle procedures, management and organizational principles, expertise in project delivery methods, and the ability to effectively manage relationships among project participants. Graduates will also have the competency to plan and program project and construction activities, implement time and cost control measures, plan and maintain quality standards during construction, create bid documents and assess bids, manage construction contracts and specifications, as well as strategically plan for material, equipment, and human resources.

Quick Facts



MSc: 4 semester

PhD: 8 semester

Application and Entry: Student admission is made on the indicated days in the Academic Calendar.

Application Requirements: Only the Architecture and Civil Engineering department graduates are accepted to the program… Details

Graduation Requirements:

MSc program; 30-course credits, the seminar course and thesis study must be completed… Details

PhD program; 21-course credits, the seminar course, PhD qualifying exam, thesis proposal and thesis study must be completed… Details


Research Areas


Thesis studies at master’s and PhD levels, research projects and academic publications carried out in the Project and Construction Management Graduate Program bring theory and practice together, focus on ongoing issues of the project and construction management field and lead the development of this area. Details


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